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We deliver precise strategic thinking and marketing strategies that will help your business from vision to reality. Whether it is through your logo design, your branding, web marking strategies or thought helping your achieving higher values in any possible way in Mauritius or any part of the world.



Video Advertising in Mauritius

We are now into Video Advertising in Mauritius By Wipercept Team. Film at Pailles by the famous Mr Raj Gokool. Present on set was Saif, Salman, Shuaib, Sahyr, Fawzi,… If you was a Creative advert like this do not hesitate to contact us. www.wipercept.co...

You are judged by logo

People don't usually follow the 'don't judge a book by its cover' saying. Clients DO oftentimes judge solely by looking at the logo. This first impression is of incredible importance for your company, since it can either prevent more customers from coming in o...

Flyer Success Stories

Saida is a very talented cook, who lived in at La tour Koenig Mauritius. As we say in the slang, when you eat food prepared by her you may bite your finger as well.  But as you see in the image, this is how she used to present her plates(food product). Sadly,...

Dropped the ‘t’?

Do you think Sahyr drop the tea? or it just fell? or he preferred coffee? As a Creative designer in Mauritius, Sahyr’s passion is to take your ideas and make them greater and will solutions that are greater than anything you’ve ever used.  He conceive...


Now ‘Wi’ Expanded our expertise into more specified fields see below. Click on any of the links below for a consultancy.



WiKoncept is your one stop studio for your business card design, flyer design, signage or any other graphic design and printing services on any format in Mauritius.

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Founder of Wipercept, Sahyr’s vocabulary is creativity, through proper brainstorming he can design concepts that make your company logo or brand ahead of your competitors. Meet him around a coffee for consultancy.

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Hotel Hype is the platform that will help hotel owners fill their empty rooms using their website and online marketing. If you are a hotel owner yourself or if you know anyone who may be interested in those services…

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This is for people who are really serious about eating healthy without spending hours in the kitchen. Sehzad will get a healthy salad delivered directly to your office. Delivery included!

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For a Creative Graphic or any Web Design or Marketing Services in Mauritius just drop a message or give a call. We can talk about your business solution around one or two cups of coffee.


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